More appreciation for meat

As teacher for sustainable design at ecosign academy, Elmar Sander conducted a project for design students with the Consumer Association of Northrhine-Westphalia. The project focused on innovative communication media that aimed for more appreciation for meat. The average meat consumption of Germans is far too high. This is questionable for ethical as well as health, ecological and economic reasons. Many campaigns target prohibitions, shocks, and other moralizations, but average meat consumers generally are not catched by those approaches.

Ina Sistig, a communication design student in her 8th semester, created »Natura Morta« in order to reach the educated middle class, who values ​​quality and culture – but still likes to buy cheap meat. She reenact well-known Baroque still lifes, which tell stories of opulence, indulgence and transitoriness, but replaces the meat with our today’s lovelessly packaged cheap meat. This irritation visualizes the absurdity of meat consumption habits. The work of Ina Sistig was awarded 1st prize in the »Well Done – Meat and Sustainability« competition by the Consumer Association.