Corporate Design for SWITCH-Asia Programme

The aim of the SWITCH-Asia programme initiated by the European Union is to “switch” consumer behavior and production conditions in Asia in terms of social, economic and ecological aspects. The logo takes the meaning of “switch” literally by turning a small “i” into an exclamation mark that stands for active, decisive action and determination. The visual constant of the “switched” i as well as the striking, optimistic coloring run through all other communication media.

For the European Union’s largest project of about 300 million euros in the field of sustainable production and consumption, Elmar Sander has designed and designed all kinds of communication media for around 10 years as creative director. Meanwhile, the SWITCH-Asia programme, whose communication moved to Bangkok, and its offsprings SWITCH Med and Switch Africa Green build a huge intercontinental network. What started with a switched little dot of an “i” has become a world-wide network.